Tristan Lim is a visual artist whose practice questions the manner in which we perceive and value virtuality and reality in contemporary life. Examining the forms in which images, brands and visual materials circulate and manifest in culture, relationships between disparate things are uncovered, surfacing questions of material and existential significance.




2018        Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts (Hons) (First Class),
                 Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore

2013        Diploma with Merit in Visual Communication and Media Design,
                 Singapore Polytechnic Design School

Group Exhibitions

2022       Material Sense II Columns Gallery, Singapore, 14th Dec 2021 - 06th Jan 2022

2021        Creative Unions Singapore Art Week 2020, Funan, Singapore, 22nd Jan - 21st Feb
                 Body Experiment: Reflection of Technology Comma Art Space, Singapore, 16th Oct - 30th Oct
                 Material Sense Columns Gallery, Singapore, 29th Nov - 10th Dec

2020      ArtSkins on Monuments: City States of Mind Light to Night Festival 2020, National Gallery, Singapore
                Resigning Mass ISLANDS@Peninsula, Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore
                Days Counting Season 1 OH! Open House, Singapore   

2019        Poor Imagination, Sullivan&Strumpf, Singapore
                 MADATAC X –Post Digital Star- Media Festival Cineteca Madrid,Madrid, Spain
                A Wake-Up Call from Posthuman HATCH ART PROJECT, Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore
                Adaptations Supernormal Space, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
                Coming Between, Becoming PLOT Space, Singapore

2018         The Winston Oh Travelogue Award 2018: What the Stars are telling us
                 Praxis Space and Project Space, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
                Spaces Ota Fine Arts, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
                A Dive, Splendid! Lasalle School of the Arts, Winstedt Campus, Singapore
                Open Call #2: Technology in Art Supernormal Space, Singapore
                Work-in-Progress: Mélange Praxis Space and Project Space,
                 Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore

2017         LINES The Private Museum Singapore, Singapore
                Tomorrow is An Island by Jason Wee, NTU CCA Residencies, Singapore

2016        As Above and So Below Kult Gallery Singapore,  Singapore

2013        VERVE Arts Festival Visual Arts showcase with Bradley Foisset and Ruben Pang,
                 The Arts House, Singapore
                NOISE The Apprenticeship Programme exhibition Mentorship under SpeakCryptic,
                 SAM at 8Q, Singapore


2018         Facebook Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program Facebook Singapore, Marina One, Singapore

2017          I Light Festival Marina Bay: Relocating Locality Participating artist with Lasalle Fine Arts Team,
                  Marina Bay Waterfront, Singapore


2021         Gwee, Sheryl, “Hallucinatory Dystopias in Comma Space’s Latest Show: Body Experiment :                Reflection of TechnologyPlural Art Mag, October 26
                  Lee, Seungah,  “Curatorial Notes for ‘Body Experiment: Reflection of Technology’” Art & Market, October 21

2018         Lim, Racy, “Tristan-Lim technology in art”, Sand Magazine, April 12


2018         The Winston Oh Travelogue Award 2018, Research Award recipient