Compelling Model View (2018)

Live Visualisation, 2018

Compelling Model View is a macro/micro observation of the Korean Pop (K-pop)music phenomenon,an attempt at capturing a sliver of its influence in the form of a visualisation. 3D forms ( culled from K-pop imagery) spawn periodically in the work, each one of them carrying its own image and sound bite. As they collide with one another, they attempt to ‘infect’ the other with their own image and sound, approximinating a viral dissemination process. The forms contest each other to establish their own image as the dominant view, but in doing so continuously destabilises the primary image. This work was developed as part of The Winston Oh Travelogue Award (Research) 2018.

Installation view in The Winston Oh Travelogue: What the stars are telling us at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts 2018.
Photo courtesy of Weizhong Deng

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