Resigning Mass

Did he know it was your birthday?

He's the director.
He's kind of busy.

He ate a piece of my birthday cake
and he got me a present.

Yeah, I think he knew.

Well, what did he get you?

He made me a tape.

Wanting people to listen,
you can't just...

tap them on the shoulder anymore.
You have to hit them with a sledgehammer.

And then you'll notice you've
got their strict attention.

You know how many people
l've tried this with?

l don't wanna know.

You'll be happy to know
out of the hundreds...

-Hundreds? are still the only one.

-l'm not doing it.
-Yes, you are.

-The car's moving too much.

I know, baby.
You'd dig it the most.

- But you know what the funniest thing
about Europe is? - What?

It's the little differences. I mean, they
got the same shit over there that they got here,

- but it's just there,
it's a little different.

- Example.
You took my bargaining power,
You used it against me.

You would have done it again.
Just admit it.

I get a bad taste in my mouth out here.

Aluminum, ash.

Like you can smell the psychosphere.
"'We don't gotta do nothing.

"'Just cuddle, sleep next to each other,
wake up in the morning together.'

No, you're gonna leave,
but I'll see you tomorrow."

- You see that, young lady? Respect.

- Respect for one's elders
shows character. - I have character.

- Because you are a character doesn't
mean that you have character.

It's the first question
that popped into my head.

I guess the same reasons as you,

or the same reasons you had
before you decided to quit yea?

You just met me.

Maybe I'm not understanding
the question.

It's very simple.
What'd you do on your birthday?


Come on.
You must've done something.

No. Same as every other day.

Woke up, felt like shit,
went to work, felt like shit.

That's called a hangover, amigo.

At least with a hangover,
l feel something.

This must have been
what all those people felt like

before I filed them
as statistics in my reports.


We've just had a near-life experience!
Seems real personal.

I don't think so.

It was iconic, planned.

And in some ways, it was impersonal.

Think of the blindfold.

This place is like somebody's memory
of the town, and the memory's fading.

l was only curious
to know how it started.

Now l know.

Feelings can creep up just like that.

l thought l was in control.

-I'm standing here.
You make the move.

-You make the move.

- It's your move.

-I'm disciplined and organized.

-I use habit and routine
to make my life possible.

-Sammy had no drive,
no reason to make it work.



I got a reason.

-establish a timeline,

-and build a story

day after day.

-So, you're gonna go out there
and you're gonna say, "Good night.

-I've had a very lovely evening."
-It's me.

-If there's an extra ticket...

-would you go with me?

-You dummy.

-You're pathetic,
and you're a sinner.

-You're a filthy dumb sinner,

-and now you get
what you deserve!

© Tristan Lim and respective owners, 2022